The Attic Learning Community
Website Design + Brand Identity
I spearheaded the design of a new visual style for The Attic Learning Community, a small private school, and worked with their creative team and stakeholders to develop wireframes and mockups for their new website. This new style is being implemented across various new marketing collateral and the website is currently under development.
Visual Identity
The Attic Learning Community has had a variety of styles over the years and much of their marketing materials lacked consistency in how colors, typefaces, and design elements were applied. The goal with the updated style is to increase brand awareness and improve cohesiveness between brand collateral and their new website. 
The new website was basically created from scratch, with only some copy being carried over. Working with their creative team I designed wireframes and various layout concepts. These designs were informed by extensive research of other educational websites and conversations with stakeholders at The Attic to create a site tailored to their unique needs as a progressive non-traditional educational environment. The final mockups included 38 pages and a mix of video and photo assets. I facilitated and coordinated the handoff of the design to the web developer, it is currently under construction. 
Brand Collateral
The updated visual style is being applied across various print and digital marketing materials and I am in the process of developing a visual style guide to allow The Attic to continue implementing a more cohesive and effective brand.
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