Reckless Ideas
Brand Identity
Reckless Ideas is a speaker series by Generator Makerspace that hosts local Burlington, Vermont thinkers and innovators working at the intersection of design and science. These are individuals are all pushing the boundaries of their respective disciplines. The goal of the series was to draw audiences from many backgrounds to come together, share ideas, discuss, and collaborate. 
Visual Identity
The identity for Reckless Ideas needed to fit within Generator’s existing brand, but also appeal to a wide range of local people. Brainstorming sessions were held to generate  several word lists during the identity creation process four words were chosen as best capturing the essence of Reckless Ideas: local, innovative, unique, and intellectual. 
The branding for Reckless Ideas was used for four different lectures. Each lecture had a poster and social media posts as well as email banners and various other applications. The lectures were well received and generated additional interest in the Generator Makerspace.
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