Text: Change in the world is a constant. Over the past two years of my life I have experienced more change than any other time in my life. It certainly has not always been easy and at first this mantra was a way to remind myself that no matter how bad it was in the moment it was only temporary. However, now “this too shall pass” for me is more than just something to hold true in the bad times, it is a reminder that there is little use worrying or being anxious about a good time ending or a bad time coming, there is a natural ebb and flow in life and there is nothing wrong with that. During the good times it serves as a reminder to live in the moment and not worry but appreciate the moment for what it is. The change in my life has made me stronger and helped me to realize that change is not an enemy to struggle against, but something to learn from, who knows where the next twist or turn of life could take you. 

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